Sunday, January 16, 2005

Troop 285 Hikes Pike Davis

Just a short overnight trip. The boys packed in about 8 miles, doing some orienteering exercises on the way (map and compass work). I came in late, so I cheated and hiked in the back way - only about 3 miles. It was a COLD one - once the sun went down, the temp dropped rapidly. By 3 AM it had dropped to 20 degrees. For these Texas boys, that's COLD! But we were prepared and everybody had a good time regardless.

We brought along another troop from Houston who had never backpacked before and they all had a great time as well!

What a great warmup for the upcoming Philmont High Adventure trip this summer!

My oldest - getting ready to cook up some (believe it or not) beef stroganoff on his backpacking stove. Posted by Hello

Packing out after "The big freeze" Posted by Hello


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