Friday, January 14, 2005

Two Door Schedules in "Stock" ADT Content

If you're using ADT's project management capabilities along with the standard door schedules that ship with the product, you may have noticed that the door schedule that is on the "Stock" Schedules tool palette doesn't display the door number correctly.

In other words, if you're using the project-based door tag, you're getting a different number on the door than what actually appears in the schedule. The reason for this is explained in David Koch's recent blog article on the door tags that come with ADT (there's two types) - read more about it here:

David Koch's Article on Door Tags

Now, once you've figured out what's going on with the tags, you can find the Project Based Door Schedule in the ADT Documentation Tool Catalogs. That schedule style is identical to the one that comes on the default Schedule palette, except it is set up to use the door number that is referenced by the project-based door tags.

Happy Scheduling!


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