Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Boy Scout Troop 285 Hikes Pike Davis - Again

Back in January, we visited Pike Davis Ranch in the Texas Hill country again. This time my oldest (a veteran at this type of stuff) went with us again, but also my youngest and some of his Webelos buddies also went - their first backpacking trip.

This year it didn't get down to 18 degrees like it did last year, but it was rainy and cold when we woke up Sunday morning. All had a good time regardless!

Me and the boys just before we left the house. Yes, my eyes are almost closed. I hadn't had any coffee yet. Gimme a break.

My youngest and one of his buddies - about halfway through our 8 mile hike to the campsite.

Both my oldest and youngest, getting ready to rustle up some freeze-dried beef stroganoff. Yumm!


Blogger texteacher said...

Hello, We are seeking a Troop fro myson Drew to transfer into in San Antonio. This troop sounds great. I would like more information on the Troop you guys are in, when and where you meet etc. If you wouldn't mind please contact me at texteacher@yahoo.com

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