Tuesday, December 06, 2005

AU 2005 is History

Another November is gone, and with it another Autodesk University.

Thanks to all who attended my classes this year. I hope that you found mine, as well as others' classes, to be worth your while! I'm certainly looking forward to next year at Las Vegas and the Venetian!

I've been attending Autodesk University as either an attendee or speaker now for at least ten years, and the experience has changed for me quite a bit. I no longer seem to have the time to attend classes. I'm either teaching a class, getting ready to teach a class (you have NO idea how much time goes into those things), or meeting with someone. AU has become more of a networking event for me than anything else.

Of course, there's also the playtime. The AUGI beer bust, the BSD receptions and mixers, and lets not forget the annual Autodesk AU Blowout party! This year it was at the MGM theme park. Imagine - Autodesk rented the park from about 8 PM to 11:30 PM. Nothing but AU attendees inside the gates. No lines (or minimal lines for all the rides), beer booths at every corner and free food!

Below are a couple of pictures from the event. The first one is of three of my co-workers and a bunch of other people crying like gurls on the Tower of Terror. The second is of myself and Paul Aubin, along with a couple of Disney Imagineers riding the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster.

Stay tuned to my blog. I know I've been letting it languish, however I've got some tutorials brewing in the back of my head and hope to have this thing updated really soon!


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