Friday, September 22, 2006

Creating Brick Lugs in Revit Building

This is an issue that seems to come up over and over again in class. I've shown lots of "workarounds", such as using 2D drafting components and section profile lines to show brick lugs in a detail view, or using wall sweeps either in the type properties or as a hosted sweep.

The other day, a co-worker of mine found a much better way. It's amazingly simple - I don't know why the courseware doesn't show this or it isn't more obviously explained in the help utility.

First, create a wall, using a multi-component wall types - for my purposes I'll use the Brick on Mtl Stud Basic Wall type.

Cut a section through the wall and go to the section view.

Before actually creating the brick lug, you need to make a minor modification to the wall type. Select the wall and click the Properties button, then click the Edit/New button in the Properties dialog. Click the Edit button next to Structure.

Click the Preview button in the structure editor and change your view to a Section view in the preview window. ZOOM in REAL close to the bottom of the wall and click on one of the layers. You should see a blue padlock icon (similar to what you see on constraints in a Revit model). Unlock the padlock and click OK until you return to the model.

Now, ZOOM in to the bottom of the Revit wall that you created and select it. You should see TWO shape handles on the bottom - one of them will move the brick down (you can also do the same procedure to unlock the air gap, sheathing and any other components that you need to move vertically separate from the main wall).

Is that EASY or what?

(Thanks, Frank)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

ADT 2007 - Implementation Guide - DONE!

I am really, REALLY, pleased to announce that Paul Aubin and I submitted the final manuscripts to the publisher a few weeks ago for "Autodesk Architectural Desktop - An Advanced Implementation Guide" (second edition). This is the long-awaited update from the previous work that Paul did for ADT 3.3, re-written for ADT 2007.

It should be available for purchase on sometime in mid to late October. Watch Paul Aubin's website for more details and availability.

I really enjoyed this first foray into writing. The process was completely alien to me, but I found it to be fun, as well as taxing. Thankfully, my wife and kids were patient with me through many late nights and weekends sitting at the dining room or kitchen table typing away, talking with Paul on the phone, etc.

As rewarding as the experience was, I don't recommend it for anyone else with a full-time job. I'm amazed I was able to balance work, family and writing enough to (hopefully) not piss off too many people.

Of course, this blog suffered big time - I pretty much have blown this thing off since last Spring. I hope to have some meaty articles to post within the next week or so to make up for the hiatus!