Wednesday, December 06, 2006

ADT 2007 Implementation Guide - Ooops...

The "Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2007 - an Advanced Implementation Guide" second edition was available for purchase for a short while in late October/early November, until a *slight* error was found on the cover. Seems the front cover was correct, as is the manuscript itself, but someone boo-booed at the publisher or printing house, or somewhere, and the spine and back cover were actually from one of Paul Aubin's other books!

The book has been yanked and will be re-issued with the correct cover - hopefully the delay won't be too long. For those of you who purchased and received your copies before the error was caught, or for those of you who won copies at the end of my classes at AU, congratulations! You are now the proud owners of the special "collector's edition"! It should be worth brazillions of dollars in a few years.

Just after it makes the New York Times Best Seller list. ;-)

(Seriously - if you do have one of those copies - the only thing wrong is the back covver and the spine - the manuscript is correct).


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