Thursday, April 20, 2006

Autodesk Revit - Changing a Project Elevation

This happens all the time. When you start your project you have no idea what the finish floor elevation is going to be for any given level. You typically don't even have any reliable survey data yet. Maybe just an old survey with *maybe* some spot elevations, but certainly nothing upon which to base a detailed topo model on.

So you go ahead and start working with what you have. At some point, you get a detailed civil engineer or surveryor's contour map with accurate elevations and you want to establish your project at the correct absolute elevations. Here's how you do it. It's pretty simple really.

1) Go to an elevation view.
2) From the Tools menu, select Project Position/Orientation -> Relocate this Project.
3) Pick a point. Any point. It doesn't matter.
4) Drag your cursor straight up (or down, if that's the direction you need to go) and enter the amount you need to move.

At this point the entire model will move up or down the distance you specify.

5) Zoom to Fit, then Zoom in on one of the level head bubbles. It will still show the original elevation. Select the bubble, then select the Properties button.
6) Select the Edit/New button in the Element Properties dialog.
7) In the Type Properties dialog change the "Elevation Base" parameter from "Project" to "Shared".

Bingo Bango Boingo. Done.


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