Sunday, September 11, 2005

Thoughts on Katrina

(Disclaimer - I don't usually post things like this here, however I feel this is justified and warranted. I will be posting a tutorial on schedule tags in ADT/ABS 2006 within the next week for those of you looking for content related to the subject of this blog).

San Antonio, where I live, has become "home" (or at least the only thing some people can call "home") for thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina. Houston and Dallas are hosting thousands more. As are countless other communities all around the United States. I was in New England recently and saw news reports of evacuees arriving in places like Boston and Manchester.

This is a disaster that has affected the entire country to some extent or another, and one whose full impact is still to be determined.

Many of us are actively helping however we can, by donating money, supplies or time to assist the victims. What we all need to remember, however, is that the victims of Katrina will need our help for some time into the future. Please plan on giving and doing what you can, not for the near term, but for the months ahead. Not only will it take months to even begin to get New Orleans on the road to recovery, many of the people currently living in shelters throughout the country will have nothing to go back to for years. This is longer than most people can take to put their lives on hold. These people will need to start new lives elsewhere and they will need the help of their new neighbors to do it.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and remember them with your contributions of time, talent and goods.

There, but for the Grace of God...


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