Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rendering Examples from Revit Architecture 2009

Just a little model I started playing with in Revit Architecture 2008 and imported into Revit Architecture 2009.

Here is the rendering output from Revit 2008:

Here is the same scene rendered in Revit 2009 (after updating some of the materials - note especially the difference in the water!).

I should have postprocessed this with the exposure controls in Revit 2009 to brighten it up a bit but I was lazy. Which was stupid, because it only takes a few seconds. Here's an example of an interior scene rendered with 2009 before adjusting the exposure contols (no radiosity solution needed, by the way - this is done with the new Mental Ray engine, which is a breeze to use).

And here is the same image after adjusting the exposure just a bit:

What's most impressive about all this is that I really don't have much of a clue as to what I'm doing in this new rendering engine yet. I played around with the new materials library and editor a bit, and pushed a couple of buttons in the new Render dialog and viola! It's a breeze!


Blogger rzaffari said...

And how about multicore rendering/net rendering?
And how about time to render?

There is a engine that works with mentalray called Holomatix Rendition... REALTIME!

Wouldn´t it be nice to have it available to Revit too?

Well, have a nice day,

2:37 AM  

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