Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Second Life and Virtual Architecture

If you have not yet heard of Second Life, climb out from under your rock!

I'll admit - I've got a free account, but whenever I visit I find it a bit wierd - kinda gives me the oogies. But maybe it's a generational thing.

Once I get beyond that, however, there are some interesting things happening there. I saw on the news recently that several candidates in the recent French presidential elections had virtual campaign headquarters on Second Life. And... just as a test I logged in the other day and did a search on some of our own US presidential wannabees - guess what? Yeah - go ahead - see for yourself.

The other day, my boss emailed me a link to this article concerning educational institutions and their experimentation with student projects on Second Life. Very interesting indeed. If you have a Second Life account, you can teleport directly to some of the virtual projects from the article.


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