Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dang Information Age - I Can't Keep Up!!!

Make it stop! Stuff comes at you too fast sometimes. I've been falling behind in keeping up with new sites, new posts on other blogs, etc.

There's far too much been going on in the blogosphere and other locations lately for me to try to encapsulate it all at once, so let me just list a few things here that I thought were noteworthy as I attempted to condense the BIM-world down to what I could read during a morning cup of coffee today...

A lot of this came from Steve Stafford's Revit Op-Ed blog, so I'll just reference his posts:

First, Jeld-Wen Windows are now available as Revit Families - check them out. Maybe if everybody starts buying their stuff because of what's in Revit models, other manufacturer's will get on the bandwagon (OK - I know - I'm reaching, but work with me here).

Second, there's another new blog in town by Ian, an architect in the UK. Actually it's more of a web site than a blog. Well worth bookmarking!

Third, E-Specs has announced some improvements with their 3rd party application that links to both Revit and AutoCAD Architecture.

Fourth, there's a whole buncha other stuff that I've come across on other blogs and websites, but I just can't keep up with it all...


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