Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ADT 2007 Implementation Guide - Relax, Y'all - It Still Applies

Paul Aubin and I wrote the "Autodesk Architectural Desktop - An Advanced Implementation Guide, Second Edition" for ADT 2007 last year. Now 2008 is soon to hit the streets and we're getting questions as to when we'll write a 2008 edition.

Answer: We aren't going to write a 2008 edition.

Now before you go and have a stroke, relax...take a deep breath and maybe a blood pressure pill...

First, it's a lot of work, and I'm getting lazy in my old age (note that I hadn't posted anything to my poor neglected blog since December before this evening).

Second, and more important, nothing (or at least hardly anything) in ADT 2008 has any impact on what we wrote for implementing ADT 2007. Paul and I are going to publish a white paper on his website that will update anything that needs to be updated but it will be very, VERY short.

Example: there are some major improvements to Display Control in ADT 2008, but NONE of them affect implementing ADT. The concepts are the same and the setup and settings are the same. The only difference is that you now have an additional option for WHERE you do it.

Most of the changes in ADT 2008 affect the day - to - day use of the product but have little impact on the way you implement and set it up.

So.. chill out, buy the book, and wait for the white paper.

Oh, yeah... Paul... I told you I'd have my stuff to you by the middle of the week, but did I say WHICH week????


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