Thursday, August 11, 2005

OK, Who's the Turkish Guy/Gal?

I was just reviewing the web page visit statistics for my blog and discovered that a whole 1.04% of my viewers are from Turkey.

My dad was in the U.S. Air Force for 28 years, and I lived in Turkey twice - once on Incirlik AFB near Adana (when I was REALLY little), and once when my dad was assigned to NATO in Izmir, Turkey (1968-1970). A real education for a 10-12 year old. We lived on Chumhuryet Blvd. (forgive the spelling - it's from memory), one block back from the seawall. We went swimming in the summers in Bayrakli and Shyrinyer (again, forgive the spelling), and vacationed in the winters at Pamukale. We also frequented the beach at Gumuldur. I could share some freaky snorkeling stories with you...

To my Turkish reader(s): "Merhaba!"


Blogger Nauman Mysorewala said...

Chumhureyet Blvd, probably is Jamhureyat Blvd meaning Democracy Blvd. I am translating from URDU knowledge which has its root in Turkish, arabic and sanskrit.

See ya at AU 2005.

Nauman Mysorewala,

10:27 AM  

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