Thursday, June 09, 2005

Revit Structure - Another Piece of the BIM Puzzle

Autodesk began shipping a new product on Tuesday of this week - Revit Structure. Based on the Revit platform, this product offers a tool that has not existed for structural engineers prior to now. It allows for a geometrically accurate physical model of a building's structure to be built, while maintaining a relationship to the analytical "stick model" that engineers need for analysis. It includes bi-directional links to popular analysis packages such as ETABS and RISA-3D.

What does this mean? The engineer can work with the analytical model, as he/she is used to doing, and there is no disconnect with the physical model and typical details that the drafter is used to working with. If the analytical model changes, the physical model changes as well, along with any model-based details and views.

Additionally, Revit Structure will export and import from ADT - yes, ADT, and when Revit Structure's structural elements are exported to ADT, they come over as ADT structural objects where appropriate; in those cases where there is no comparable structural component (footings, etc.), they come across as mass elements. Naturally, Revit Structure can link Revit Building models as well, and since they are based on the same platform, can even provide "monitoring" tools to ensure that if the architect makes changes, they are reflected in the structural model - and the engineer has the ability to reject/approve/postpone those changes, depending upon the impact that they might have on the structural integrity of the design.

This is a MAJOR development. Up until now there have been very few real options for structural engineers who want to contribute to a BIM database. This new tool provides them with state-of-the-art modeling, analysis and documentation tools with direct links to the two major architectural modeling applications in use today.

Stay tuned for more information, or visit the Autodesk web site for more information - in particular, check out some of the customer success stories that are already being published from engineering firms that used the product on real projects while it was still in beta:

Autodesk Product Info Page for Revit Structure


Blogger Jack Talsky said...

If I understand you correctly, and that is easy enoubh to do, a Structural Engineer can purchase Revit Structural, and it will not matter to him (or Her) if they are sending him drawings drawn in Revit or ADT. He will be able to work with either, and can provide his work in either format when sending it back to the Architect.

Yes, I agree with you that this is a major step for Autodesk, and those using either Revit or ADT.

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