Thursday, June 23, 2005

Autodesk Issues Update for CUI Issues

Autodesk has issued an update for issues related to CUI files - it can be downloaded at the following link:

Download CUI Update

Specifically, it addresses the following issues:

1 Editing a CUI file could introduce duplicate entries (IDs) that may cause the file to become corrupt. Loading the corrupt CUI file results in an error message stating that the file is invalid and you can no longer customize the file.

2 Upon converting a menu file that contains a screen menu, erroneous blank lines are added at the top of the screen menu section. This can affect the display of commands that appear toward the bottom of the screen menu.

To Install the Patch:

1 Close AutoCAD and all other applications, and log in as Administrator.

2 Navigate to the folder where your AutoCADĀ® 2006-based products is installed. For example, c:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2006.

3 Search for the AcCustomize.dll file, and rename it to something like

4 Save the downloaded AcCustomize.dll file to the install folder for the AutoCADĀ® 2006-based product that you are going to repair.

5 Start your AutoCAD-based product and try loading the file that was giving you the error. You should no longer receive the error message or shifted menu entries.


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